Generations-Old Dutch Distillery Partners with Craft Catalyst to Re-Launch Genever in the U.S.

It has taken over 12 months of transitioning from one U.S. importer to another (and all the red tape that comes along with it) for sixth-generation family-owned Boomsma Distillery, tucked away in the Friesland province of The Netherlands, to resume sales of its line of artisanal genevers (Dutch gin) in the States. Now with a clear path before it, the Boomsma brand is poised for rapid growth.

Dating back to late 2013, with the steady resurgence of the American cocktail culture showing no signs of dissipating, Craft Catalyst originally approached this micro-distillery with the prospect of fixing its stagnant U.S. business. It would require a multi-pronged approach – secure a new importer relationship and in so doing re-build the distribution footprint; re-launch the flagship line of genevers and pave the way for additional items from the Boomsma portfolio to be brought in.

Now under the active leadership of the newly integrated Winebow Group, in partnership with Craft Catalyst, Boomsma genevers are available again and U.S. distributors, retailers and consumers alike are embracing the product.

The Boomsma family is not stopping here. Buoyed by an extensive portfolio of wine and spirits, they plan to ship their first new item in 10 years to the States this Fall. While lips are sealed, word on the street is this product will have mixologists from coast to coast drooling for more.