High Road Craft was founded with their sights on becoming the leading purveyor of ultra-innovative premium ice cream “by chefs for chefs”. In this way, the focus for the company was squarely on the foodservice channel. But retailers soon came calling, causing High Road to stretch their limited resources across multiple channels and, in so doing, lose their focus.


Well versed in the pitfalls awaiting startups that pursue retail availability too early, we understood High Road’s needs in terms of sales leadership and capital, and we understood the importance returning attention to the foodservice channel to drive the business.


Key results since 2013:

  • 2015 run-rate over 5X 2013 revenues ($1.1mm)
  • Negotiated and secured exclusive agreement for HR to produce, market and sell Ciao Bella Gelato & Sorbetto into foodservice
  • Won Sysco and US Foods accounts to drive national availability in foodservice
  • Aligned with series of James Beard-award winning chefs in gaining menu placement on Delta Airlines
  • Established new distribution partners on both coasts