Want a taste of how we help emerging food & beverage brands?


By developing strategic partnerships and supporting fundraising efforts

Millions ($) in private placements with clients


By strategically expanding the footprint based on priorities and objectives

Consistent over-delivery in volume sales and store-count growth


By focusing on market- and store-level execution to generate trial & repeat purchase activity

Thousands of stores across multiple retail channels programmed for optimal brand execution and consumer pull-through


By managing development of new varieties and new lines across multiplecategories

Several national product launches executed for clients

Want a taste of how we help emerging food & beverage brands?

Kill Cliff is a sports recovery drink with a strong brand promise, but at the time we met the company was struggling to make weight. Find out how we helped them become a powerhouse in just a couple years.

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High Road Craft began with a delicious concept of innovative craft ice creams and sorbets by chefs for chefs, but needed leadership and experience in developing new sales channels and strategic accounts. Discover how Craft Catalyst secured a strategic partnership to sweeten their top-line revenue.

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When this sixth-generation Dutch distillery sought to resuscitate their lackluster US business, they called on us to be their U.S. arm and steward the transition to a new importer. Learn more about our partnership and roadmap for the future here.

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