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Today, Kill Cliff is a leading brand of clean energy drinks with a strong brand promise and a burgeoning following among the active lifestyle consumer, but at the time we met the company was struggling to gain a foothold in the marketplace. Boot-strapping their way, short on human resources, thin on retail availability, but loaded with potential best represented by a rapidly growing Crossfit community-based following on Facebook.  Find out how we helped them become a performance beverage powerhouse in just a couple years.


After a year in-market in Greater Atlanta, overall Kill Cliff sales were stagnant due to insufficient distributor support, limited marketing dollars and insufficient funding. The business was stuck in first gear.  After an introduction to the Founder & CEO, Kill Cliff hired Craft Catalyst to provide beverage business expertise and marketing leadership in formulating and executing a multi-year go-forward plan, drawing on key performance indicators to inform the growth strategy.


With a clearly differentiated product and powerful brand, the company was poised to grab a leadership position in the Recovery Drink category but needed us to (1) present the investment opportunity to prospects, (2) sell the product to strategic retail accounts with enough doors to drive meaningful volume and (3) activate the brand effectively and cost efficiently as the distribution footprint grew.

key results after working with craft

$6MM in private equity funding

National distribution via GNC & Vitamin Shoppe – 6,000+ outlets

Regional distribution through A-B InBev wholesaler network

Social media following through the roof, outperforming major beverage brands

Development and launch of new beverage flavors and first line extension – protein bar

Rapidly accelerating 12-month run-rate eclipsing 100,000 cases

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