What we do

We roll up our sleeves.  We embed with our partners as integral members of their operating team.  And we lean in hard based on a clearly defined and agreed upon scope of work.

Corporate development

By developing strategic partnerships and supporting fundraising efforts 

Millions ($) in private placements via high net worth individuals and institutional investors

Sales & distribution

By strategically expanding the footprint based on priorities and objectives

Consistent over-delivery in volume sales, store-count growth, key account placements, new channel penetration


By focusing on market- and store-level execution to generate trial & repeat purchase activity

Thousands of stores across multiple retail channels and geographies programmed for increasing velocities and consumer pull-through


By managing development of new varieties and new lines across multiple categories

Several national product launches executed for clients in leading natural, conventional and specialty chains

A Few Examples of How We Have Helped Our Partners Grow

Kill Cliff

Today, Kill Cliff is a leading brand of clean energy drinks with a strong brand promise and a burgeoning following among active lifestyle consumers, but at the time we met the company was struggling to gain a foothold in the marketplace. Boot-strapping their way, short on human resources, thin on retail availability, but loaded with potential best represented by a rapidly growing Crossfit community-based following on Facebook.  Find out how we helped them become a performance beverage powerhouse in just a couple years.

High Road

High Road Craft began with a delicious concept of innovative craft ice creams and sorbets by chefs for chefs, but needed leadership and experience in developing new sales channels and strategic accounts while maintaining focus in the face of temptation elsewhere. Discover how Craft Catalyst helped High Road double-down on its core business and secure a strategic partnership to accelerate revenue growth without spreading itself thin across too many interests.


In 2018, LesserEvil had started to find its footing as a better-for-you snack company with a leading organic popcorn brand beloved among natural foods retailers and consumers, with a new line of puffed snacks successfully launched at Whole Foods nationally, and a robust pipeline of innovation in development.  Yet the writing was on the wall that the company was headed down a tricky path due to a disjointed packaging strategy.  Learn how we helped LesserEvil course-correct for the future.

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