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In 2018, LesserEvil had started to find its footing as a better-for-you snack company with a leading organic popcorn brand beloved among natural foods retailers and consumers, with a new line of puffed snacks successfully launched at Whole Foods nationally, and a robust pipeline of innovation in development.  Yet the writing was on the wall that the company was headed down a tricky path due to a disjointed packaging strategy.  Learn how we helped LesserEvil course-correct for the future.


At the time we met Charles Coristine and company, LesserEvil was doing well with their line of organic popcorn they had branded under the Buddha Bowl name, were making inroads with their new line of Paleo Puffs and were preparing to launch a new line of Egg White Curls.  The packaging design for each line had some similarities but too many differences, making it challenging for consumers to recall the name of each.  Furthermore, the fact that these products were all made by the same company was getting completely lost in the shuffle.


Charles realized this packaging issue was real and knew he had to address it head on to scale his portfolio in a more approachable way for consumers and to build the LesserEvil brand, where so much pent-up enterprise value could be unlocked.  With a newly closed round of capital in the door, LesserEvil engaged us to lead the company through a re-branding initiative in partnership with a leading creative shop, ultimately to develop a packaging design that would bring more cohesion across LesserEvil’s ever-growing range of snacks and more distinct positioning to the overall brand portfolio and individual products therein.

key results after working with craft

Numerous national and regional chains across multiple channels added since packaging re-design (and zero accounts lost)

Several new product lines launched, including Veggie Sticks, Power Curls, Lil’ Puffs and Mini Cookies, as well as an ever-growing range of new seasonal items

Massive increases in performance metrics, particularly in terms of same store sales as well as year-over-year volume and dollar sales

Millions of dollars raised in multiple rounds of private equity investment

Numerous industry awards and consumer media accolades garnering millions in impressions

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